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February 07 2016
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Building Bridges: From Urban Thinking to the Real Facts
Join Margaret Walton, a rural planner by trade, as she offers her perspective on 8 myths in agriculture as she presents her OAFE AGM keynote address 2010.  Her introduction sets the stage for her discussion, providing background information on her career and her take on understanding the economic impact of agriculture.  The clips offer her introduction offer debate points for classroom and general discussion.

Introduction ~ Perspectives from a Rural Planner – Margaret Walton

Myth #1: “There are no jobs in agriculture”
Margaret discusses the opportunities and the challenges.

Myth #2: “Eating local is hard to do”
March through November agriculture thrives…but what happens then?

Myth #3: “Organic is always better”
Some facts to consider when choosing organic…

Myth #4: “Agriculture is hard on the environment"
Farmers…fertilizers…certification – what the public probably doesn’t know.

Myth #5: “Farmers don’t protect water”
This legislation might surprise you.

Myth #6:“There’s only industrial agriculture in Ontario
Who owns our farms anyway?

Myth #7: “Good crop/bad crop”
Where did this attitude come from?

Myth #8: “All food comes from the grocery store”
Margaret explores the bigger picture.

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