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September 02 2014
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*Important Update on OAFE Programs and Services

OAFE is currently undergoing an exciting transition to redirect our focus for resource development and programs.  In order to better serve our stakeholders and drive critical thinking and dialogue, OAFE is shifting towards a concentration on the development of resources for grades 7-12.  Over the course of the next six months you will see a number of changes to the look and feel of our library of resources and programs we offer.

This transition also includes a shift from our traditional hard copy resource inventory to a solely electronic resource library with all resources being accessible to download for FREE on our website at www.oafe.org

 We will continue to strive so that all educators from grades 1-12 feel welcomed and served when they come to www.oafe.org.   To read more about how this will affect you click here.


Social Science Resource Library.  Learn More...


Canada's Outdoor Farm Show!

9, 10, 11 September 2014


OAFE is proud to offer tours of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show to secondary students in agriculture and horticulture SHSM’s! To learn more about what OAFE is doing at the show and to see the resources developed for this year, CLICK HERE!



Grade 10 Career Day - Survey Results 

As part of this year’s Canadian Agriculture Literacy week, OAFE partnered with Grain Farmers of Ontario to host a career day for grade 10 students at the Ontario Science Centre.  The event was a huge success and the student survey results are in!  Check them out here to see how students perceive careers and agriculture and how this event helped open their eyes to the innovations and opportunities in the sector. 

 Bridge to Business is a new program which helps to "connect classrooms with agri-food perspectives".  High end materials (e.g. research, graphs, videos, etc) from agri-food businesses are translated into classroom activities for secondary students.

The first volume of Bridge to Business links to Farm Credit Canada's Knowledge Insider: Globalization Fall 2011 edition.

Find out more by clicking


Explore OAFE’s new career website, a tool for students and educators to discover the vast opportunities within the agri-food sector. Video profiles, student centre, career pathways, lesson plans and more! Visit www.growingcareers.ca now!


 Bring the Egg Farm to Your Classroom!
Learn more about this new resource for Grades 1-3 and how you can order your FREE copy!



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